Let creativity reign

There are a few things that I am passionate about: food, faith, hunger issues, saying yes, others, improv, finding self. As readers of my blog, I sense I’m preaching to the choir here (yup, another thing I enjoy- singing in a choir 😉 ), but today I can’t resist.

My friend Katie, who highly suggested that I start a blog over a year ago so that she could have a place to return to and take all the action steps and read all the reflections I would send to those close friends. Katie, herself today, sent out a great action: Standing for Arts Education.

For me, I was blessed to have many artistic opportunities: a forensics program that honed my public speaking skills, which I use daily in my work and personal life; theatre performances that taught me how to find, use, and develop my own unique voice; creative writing spaces which let my mind wander as much as my pen while forcing me to best articulate my ideas; and art classes that stretched my imagination and pushed me not just to accept “well I just don’t like this art”, but demanded that I learn to analyze  and ask why.

I don’t propose to have all the answers to our budget crisis, although I certainly have strong opinions about it. However, refusing to raise leaders who lack creative critical thinking skills for the myriad of complex problems they will face in their lifetimes is not our best course of action. If we only support students as the next generation of workers vs. the next generation of holistic people, who should question what they see, analyze what they feel and think, while journeying to find themselves, we will be encouraging a generation to be single-minded, only based on data, and not live up to their fullest potential.

Let’s keep innovating: let creativity reign.


What do YOU think?

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