A personal request

Please take the following action. My family is one that grapples with this disease; here is one simple way to stand in solidarity with those who suffer and offer some much needed hope.

Dear Kate,

Scientists believe we are at a tipping point on Alzheimer’s research. We have the ideas, the technology and the will, but we do not have a commitment from the federal government.

The Alzheimer’s Breakthrough Act would advance breakthrough treatments for people living with Alzheimer’s by requiring a federal commitment to Alzheimer’s disease research.

Will you ask Congress to make that commitment today?

If passed, the Alzheimer’s Breakthrough Act would:

  • Make Alzheimer’s research a priority at the National Institutes of Health (NIH) by:
    • pursuing emerging scientific and research opportunities across the 27 Institutes and Centers at NIH.
    • adopting the research recommendations from the forthcoming National Alzheimer’s Plan.
  • Create public-private partnerships to develop treatments and a cure through innovative approaches to Alzheimer’s research.
  • Require the leadership at NIH to provide the funding necessary to get the job done ā€“ or explain to Congress why they are not.

Over the next 40 years, caring for individuals with Alzheimer’s will cost our society $20 trillion ā€“ including $15 trillion from Medicare and Medicaid. Yet from a research funding perspective, Congress has been silent on the issue of Alzheimer’s. It’s time to act. We must do something to conquer this devastating disease.

Tell your member of Congress to support the Alzheimer’s Breakthrough Act.

Thank you,

Robert Egge
VP of Public Policy
Alzheimer’s Associaiton

Many thanks.


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