Seeking refuge

Today is World Refugee Day. There are 11-12 million refugees in our world at the moment.

One of my dear friends, Nate, during our year of service, had the opportunity to work for Catholic Charities in Refugee Resettlement. Nate was often a refugee’s first connection in a new land, picking them up from the airport, arriving in Syracuse in the middle of winter in sandals and short sleeve shirt. He’d arrange for clothing, an apartment, different places to get a job, as well as learn English. When Nate would drive down the street in Syracuse, often people would run out to wave and say hello- he was a small town hero for his kindness, positivity, and ability to help.

I admire Nate so much. I must also say how much I admire so many of the people he worked with, who came from their homelands which were ravaged by war and atrocities against humanity. These men, women, and children are heroes in their own right.

So, today, take some time today to learn a little bit more as well as take action in solidarity with our brothers and sisters from around the world.


What do YOU think?

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