I’m a BIG believer in community. Whether it be the service community I lived with in Syracuse, my current Young Adult Faith Sharing group, my monthly Yes Women phone call, sharing a meal with someone or whatever may come in the future, I love community. It’s where I feel most connected and refreshed.

Today, I met a friend for lunch. We have only met once before, but kept in touch through this blog, Linkedin, and the like. Our conversation was great! He too works in the Church and it was fantastic to talk about our dreams for this global community, struggles of our lives, and get some hearty “I’ve been in your shoes” advice.

Some of the best pieces I took from our conversation today were, get out of your comfort zone, keep asking the tough questions, and find those who inspire you. Just by sharing a meal, we were able to share some found truths in our lives. It was such a gift! And please, hearing “Kate, the world needs more people like you” doesn’t hurt either 😉 !

One of my favorite aspects about Community is how it often supports you as well as challenges you. My lunch today was not a power lunch, but rather a powerful lunch *ba dum*! I feel inspired. I feel connected. I feel most alive.

Thanks, Matt!


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