Worry and waiting. A love story?

Worry might possibly be the worst. The what if’s, the why and when’s. How comes in to change the alliteration and focus. How will this work?

Join that to waiting; worry and waiting make a terrible pair. Who’s idea was this? Worry you are too indecisive and headstrong. You just don’t leave.

Waiting, you too are indecisive and maybe this is what you thought made you a good pair. But you are also a jeoporadizer of time. You don’t honor it as you should. Worry, you need boundaries as does every being, it can’t be all about you all the time.

Worry and waiting, maybe you can live together. However, only if you bring trust into this relationship. Trust that the waiting patiently can make you see things clearly. Trust that the worry has your best interests at heart, but won’t stop you from living.

Trust. It holds every relationship together. Trust, makes worry and waiting a manageable pair. Focus on trust, and we can all live together.


What do YOU think?

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