Do you care about food?

I do! Not only do I love good food and reading food blogs, I’m also very concerned about the reality of hunger that plagues our world. 1 in 9 in the world are food insecure. That is one billion people.

Add that to other food related new items of obesity challenges, changing health care laws, countries and companies purchasing land in developing world, and more, and there is plenty to be mindful of.

That is why Sharing the Table exists! It’s a place to spread knowledge, share ideas, and remember that all are worthy and welcome at the table.

I’m passionate about food issues, that’s clear. I also want people to be empowered to take action. What do I suggest? Visit our action page! Make a commitment to review your food choices, especially in how they impact others. Create your own food philosophy! Check out our main page for updates or subscribe!

Care about food!


What do YOU think?

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