Eat what?

Ok, so we all know what we eat affects others. What I take cannot be taken by others, simply put. This is why we need to ensure that 1. we provide enough food to feed people and 2. provide people with the access to obtain this food. Got it. But do you know how your food choices affect the climate?

Enter EWG’s new Eater’s Guide Report. I thought I knew about food choices, but boy was I surprised! For example, I love cheese, but seeing it so high on the list is upsetting. As a new vegetarian, I’m not wanting to write it off completely as its tasty and often protein filled, but I certainly will make sure I don’t over indulge!

So, what do you think of this chart? Useful? Upsetting? Unknown?

Eat Smart. Your Food Choices Affect the Climate

Eat Smart Chart. Eat smart your food choices affect the climate

GHG data based on lifecycle assessment by CleanMetrics.

Chart source.

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