Home… and happy

Hello all! I’m back from my fantastic trip to the Pacific Northwest.

How do I even begin to describe this trip? Well, as Chris and I said (over and over again) during our adventure “Wow!”. The sights were magnificent, the food mostly incredible, the lodging ranged from luxury with a fireplace to comfortable camping with a fire pit! We spilt our time from long but gorgeous car rides, hiking in the wilderness to sitting in a hot tub. Most day, we met great people and enjoyed learning from their lives. We cooked some nights and feasted on others. One of the lodging sites had offered bath salts for the tub, and another offered an outhouse for the …outing. Some nights we fell fast asleep, others spent hanging out, watching tv, or staring at the most vibrant display of stars I’ve ever seen.

This vacation was exactely what I needed- a break. I stopped it all- blogging, reading, phone calls, emails, even meditation. And it was glorious! It was SO easy to just be in the moment and appreciate life- be it in traffic at 11 pm after driving 14 hours, or hiking to a breaktaking scenic overlook.

At one point I realized that bummer…I wanted to read some of Peace is Every Step to focus more on appreciating each moment for what it is, not what you might want it to be. In the next instant, I realized that during this whole trip, I had done just that. And I didn’t need a book, guru, or patience to do it. The power to be was already inside of me! What a gift!

I take this light feeling with me forward as the routine of life begins again. I am so grateful to have taken this time. I feel refreshed, restored and recommitted to living a life of saying yes and seeking peace.

Major thanks to Chris, my partner in adventuring!


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