A Hurricane of Experience

Hurricane Irene has come… and is close to being gone. The winds are still howling, ripping the eerie silence from the grey skies. Houses shake, yet firmly remain. The world outside smells of slightly burnt wood, ripped from its roots.

I’m grateful that so many of my friends, family, and neighbors near and far are safe after this storm. Despite the slightly messy or unkempt state, we are crawling out of our bunkers to reconnect and recognize what is different and what remains the same.

That led me back to this poem, just by chance. I had meant to share it with you all weeks ago. Today, in light of the physical world, Rumi’s words take on a stronger meaning. We can hold on but sometimes, the world whips around us, forcing us to act. To change. To adjust. All to then to come back to ourselves, altered but truer and deeper for it.

And so shall it be. For that is the nature of this life.

Out of Stillness

I was happy enough to stay still
inside the pearl inside the shell,
but the hurricane of experience
lashed me out of hiding
and made me a wave moving into shore,
saying loudly the ocean’s secret
as I went, and then, spent there,
I slept like fog against the cliff,
another stillness.
– Rumi

What do YOU think?

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