Reality: Guilty as Charged.

I admit it. I (shamelessly) like my trashy tv. I’m told that I love all things good and trashy. And when your boyfriend tells you that, you know it’s true

That’s why this LA Times article rocked me hard.

Ouch. Mary McNamara is on point. Is is time to question the broader implications of reality tv? Regarding the recent events of one of the show’s ‘troubled couples’,  McNamara asks,”what is the difference between watching a man’s marriage and life crumble before he commits suicide and watching the suicide itself”?

For me, the Housewives franchise is an indulgent guilty pleasure. Yes, there are times I cannot watch it because it’s too catty, but on some level, isn’t that precisely why I watch it? For the enjoyment factor of something that is so far from my life and not what I want my life to be? Maybe. I could get philosophical here and say that by being exposed to these lavish lifestyles further instills my own personal vaules and morals. However, I do fear that it is more numbing then it is redeeming.

So, do I give up the guilty pleasure, as I once gave up another favorite show because I felt it was desensitizing me to violence? I honestly don’t know. My current goal is to take some time and think about what might be the best way to come at this from a yes attitude. What am I really trying to say ‘yes’ to?


What do YOU think?

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