Unlikely pairs

The day started with a strange mixing of contrasts and ended with a blissful enjoyment of compliments.

Today, myself and two girlfriends got up bright and early to brave the beast. No, not the leftovers of the Hurricane, or my frizzy hair, but … the Garden State Parkway, on a Saturday morning, of a holiday weekend! Our task, make it to the Shore with as little traffic as possible- mission: amazing and accomplished.

The strange mixing occured upon stopping for breakfast at a local bagel joint. It wasn’t until we started to enjoy our smears on the beach that we realized this juxaposition: Pumpkin walnut bagels, with pumpkin cream cheese, eaten with our toes in the sand, staring at the glistening sea in 80 degrees. Strange for sure, but if summer and fall ever slam into each other again, it should be like this!

Our day progressed into a perfect lazy day on the beach: full of laughter, stories, naps, reading and plain good ol fun. My night continued with going to see Our Idiot Brother  with another friend. I was happily surprised at how great this movie was! We went over to her home and chatted up as we always do. In sharing our recent stories, my friend said, “Isn’t it funny that in the most heartbreaking of times, that is when we feel how much we are loved”.

Brilliantly true. Another one of life’s great mystery’s: right when we are in the throws of our sorrows, do we see the love from others. The friend who gets up out of bed to console you as you cry on the phone, the mother who leaves you a silly and loving note, the family member who just shows up knowing they can find any way to help out.

These moments are beautiful and in a perfect world, they would never exist. For there would never be pain, and sadly, there would never be these opportunities for agape. For philia. For selfless love.

Eating a pumpkin themed breakfast on the last of summer days on the beach may seem befuddling. Finding deep love amid intense sorrow may be paradoxical. Yet, I’m grateful. They are enchanting pairs and I wouldn’t want this life any other way.



2 responses

  1. beautiful description of your day and state of mind. Glad you were able to enjoy the beach and fall especially a week after everyone was forced inland!

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