Yes (…for help)

My mission in life, both personal and professional, is to use my gifts and talents for the benefit of others. I love to help, but I am not always good at asking for it myself.

As I have shared, my mother has been diagnosed with Alzheimer’s. She is young for the disease and it has been hard for all of us. We are constantly learning how to better her quality of life while supporting these changes. As a twenty-something year old daughter, I know that this is not something most people my age are dealing with.

But I still need support. Often friends care and ask about my mom, which I appreciate. What else can they do, they wonder and I wonder. How can they journey with me in this?

Tonight, I found one way. On a whim, I signed up for an Alzheimer’s Association meeting on how to communicate with those suffering from the disease.  From experience, I knew I’d be the only one under 45 in attendance. I could totally do this alone, I’m fully capable. But why?

So, I asked a close girlfriend to go with me. Before I could even finish the sentence, she said “Yes, of course”. I had already planned to promise that we could go out the rest of the night, that this would only be an hour, that they wouldn’t have to say anything. But I didn’t need that script.

When we say “Yes” to ourselves, it opens the door for others to say “Yes” to us. When I opened the door for my friend to learn about this about this mysterious disease, I said “Yes” to receiving support in a whole new way.


What do YOU think?

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