Fridays for Food!

Taking a note from last week’s popular post (the most hits I’ve EVER gotten!), I have decided that Friday posts will focus on food!

As we know, East Africa is experiencing an incredible crisis. In one of the worst droughts in decades, over 11 million people are facing extreme daily hunger. With less rain, crops have failed and produced less food then needed.

Last week, I took action on Friday by fasting for Food Security. You all journeyed with me, witnessing my struggle to stay true to my decisions while learning more deeply about food insecurity. And I felt your support.

Today, I ask you to donate to this cause. We can each help our brothers and sisters who are facing hunger right now. Reflect on what you can give. Ask yourself what might be a sacrifice for you and what might be an opportunity for reflection.

It’s up to you to choose which organization to give through. So many churches have funds, as do other non-profits and NGOs; start there. Personally, I gave through Catholic Relief Services’ Emergency Fund, which will benefit those in the affect areas of Africa. If you don’t know of a non-profit or fund that will benefit those in East Africa or other places facing hunger, check out Charity Navigator to determine a hunger focused group.

Whatever you do, don’t miss the moment to give in solidarity.


What do YOU think?

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