3 Rules

I stumbled upon this article… and LOVED it. It SCREAMED YES to me.

The crux is, when we are feeling down, sometimes we or others around say that this is bad/wrong. We might receive suggestions like, “eat this food, do this exercise, read this book, focus on the good, lots of other people have it worse ya know, this too will pass “etc. All are valid, yet not always helpful.
The author goes on to explain there are 3 things we can do to not add guilt untop of the hard times.
1. Accept– Accept the situation, and the fact that life can be tough.
2. Self-acceptance– Love yourself through this. Let the negative talk pass on by, don’t live in it.
3. Share– Confide in others. It is OK to be human, to struggle, to not like something in your life, or some part of yourself. Find someone who can help you without judgement.

These may not remove the pain in your life, but they can help you deal with the situation at hand.

What a beautiful testament to saying yes. Yes the moment, yes to ourselves, and yes to our nature  as human beings.


What do YOU think?

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