Justly aware: Your slavery footprint?

I’m a big believer in moving beyond “ignorance is bliss”. It is often so easy not to know,rather then to learn, reflect and act. However, I think we are called to the latter.

Today, this website hit my work email. It is fascinating! Using simple phrasing and thoughtful questions,the  Slavery Footprint leads us to contemplate our inter-connectedness with the larger world. As a viewer scrolls down, they are lead to think about where our “stuff” as Annie Leonard would say, comes from.

“Buying, selling, and trafficking of human beings? If that is happening, it must just be in wildly differnt cultures, far from my influence.

Actually, no. That smart phone. That t-shirt, computer, cup of coffee… That’s stuff we buy, and that stuff comes from slaves”.

Now, I know hearing that can be frightening. But it can also be liberating. Because now you know enough to take action.

Some actions:

  • Use this guide to ensure you buy books that aren’t using paper from destroyed rainforests
  • Use this list to find retailers that avoid using sweatshops at Sweat Free.

Check out my alternative gift giving guide post for more resources.

~Individually or ignorantly, these problems are too large and overwhelming to solve. Collectively, we can work towards a slave-free world.


What do YOU think?

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