Morning meditation motivation: PEACE

***Buzzsmack-snooze. 10 semi-conscious minutes then- BUZZZ****** Smack. Roll over and wrestle with your mind- snooze or get up? Itslategetuprunaround! Make coffee-make breakfast-make lunch. Take a rushed shower. Eat breakfast. Haphazardly get dressed. Pour coffee in your to-go mug. Run out the door 7 minutes later than you should. Sit in traffic. Spill coffee on pants since the top wasn’t screwed on right. Arrive to work frazzled, tired, and annoyed.


***Buzz***. Get up. Sit down. Just be.  Use prayer books, mediation, music- use them all or use none. Whatever calls to you today. Sit for as little or as long as you like.

Then, begin your day.



Three years ago, I changed my life by starting my day with the latter model. Changing how I begin my day has changed my whole life.

On a job interview a few years ago, the V.P. of the office asked me how I deal with stressful situations and  high pressured work. I explained that by starting my days in mediation and prayer, my entire day is shaped in a better way. Doing this allows me to focus better at work and deal with the tasks at hand, without getting overly stressed out.  The V.P. was fascinated, leading my interview to become an informal case-study in why starting my day well is so beneficial to the other elements of our living!

I have realized that:

  1. When I start my day in peace, I feel like the best version of myself.
  2. When I start the day in calmness, I can tap into calmness throughout my hectic days.
  3. Mediation practice reminds me of what is important in life, so that when the frustrating things arise, I can avoid hyper-focusing on them. I more easily recognize the trivial aspects of life.

So, why wouldn’t I want to start each day this way? One of my favorite lines from a beloved prayer is: “We are quite naturally impatient in everything to reach the end without delay.” This is me. I want it and I want it now. But, I need patience and need to appreciate what is already present in this given moment. My morning mediation allows me this grace.

Try this method out. You just might find some daily peace and a new way of life.

– For more on how to start your days like this, check out this recent Zen Habits post!

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