No more normal

There’s no normal. At least not forever.

I write, the last night in my parents house. I’m not going far, but going to my first, fully own place of Kate. I’m jumping from thoughts of “don’t forget your robe” while in the next minute thinking “don’t let all this rushing make you rush through reflecting”.

There certainly has been a lot of change in my life lately and I don’t always do change well. I’m not sure why, I guess I like stability, but I also crave adventure. Maybe its just the balancing of finding my happy medium or as some one once told me ” you like calculated risks”. Regardless, I’m feeling a range of emotions all the way from excitement to doubt.

So as I step out into some familiarly new territory, I realize that this form day to day living is gone. For better, I will be a better daughter to my parents by not being a roommate, and maybe for worse, as I spend unprecedented amounts of time with moi. All. by. myself.

So, even though my day to day is changing, I will find a new normal. And until I seek another change, and hence, another normal, I’ll be happy meeting this one.


2 responses

  1. A move on the feast of St. Francis… the perfect day to discover a new normal, to spread your wings, and to embrace a life new, but still lived with the same grace.

    Happy to hear your news, Kate!

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