My dance policy

The committee of Kate has announced the institution a long time informal policy:

Whereas, when favorite, inspiring songs are played on Pandora, Kate must get up, lock the door, and dance around the office.

Whenever I am in the office by myself, I turn on some music for noise. Occasionally, I rock out to a song that pops on. Today I realized that this is an amazing gift that I should utilize more often!

A friend recently told me that she loves my facial expressions when I dance. I do too! I’m pretty sure that the acrobatics of my seventh cranial nerve are at least 75% of the reason why I was ever cast in any theatrical performances.  Especially when dancing, they are ridiculous and nearly always embarrass one of my dearest friends. If that isn’t reason enough, I just crank up the good tunes that make it impossible to sit down.

Here was today’s “get off your booty and shake it” motivation.

Get up.  NOW. Lock the door, if you must. AND DANCE!!!!!

Supporting Statement: Dancing makes us feel good, raises our pulse, and will make us more lovely and productive people.       
*Google this to find whatever sources you deem a necessity*

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