My heroine!

Smart, compassionate, witty: she is all three. Yes, you’ll  know if you’ve crossed her, but she’ll work on peacemaking. Most importantly, she is my heroine.

Dolly (Angel) Bush is the Executive Director of the Franciscan Northside Ministries. During my year of service, she was one of my supervisors

Last November, she and Sr. JP invited me on their trip to Hawaii, celebrating Dolly’s 25th year of being a Franciscan Sister. Aside from having an chance to see such a famed part of the world, I was able to travel with some of my favorite people! One important stop on our travels was to visit the island of Molokai. Watching my heroines stand at the grave of their heroine was breathtaking.

Srs. Dolly and JP at Blessed Marianne's Grave

Whenever I travel the 300 miles to Syracuse, we normally spend the first night together catching up well past midnight. We share our recent struggles and joys. We talk about what we want from this life and lessons we have learned. Dolly not only guides me in my life, but asks me my thoughts on her life. It is a beloved and balanced friendship. There may be nearly 40 years between us, but she is one of my best friends.

That is why I was so disappointed to miss this year’s annual fundraiser for the Northside Ministries. A surprise snow storm (in October!) kept me from making it, but my heart was certainly there.

Even though I’ll miss this night, I rest assured that even fund-raising is done in Dolly’s unique and special way! Every year, Sweet Sensations benefits all the work Dolly and JP do. For $25, you receive admission to a night of live entertainment, music, dancing, and all the sweets and coffee you can drink! In the past few years, there have been additional factors added: such as a silent auction, wine, and more! And don’t miss the jar at the front  a with sign saying “Sr. Dolly’s Tattoo Fund“! I truly appreciate how affordable Dolly has made the event: $25 for a fundraiser is fantastic! She wants the volunteers to be able to come. Clients, if they choose, can offer to to serve the food and beverages, making this such a wonderful, communal night.

But really why I admire Dolly is because of her daily life. Every day, Dolly cares for others, often doing those unpleasant tasks: chauffeuring a client to a Doctor’s appointment, calling a pharmaceutical company and advocating for a patient, or ‘raking the roof’- in which you must hang out half the window with a rake to clean the drain on the roof from all the debris in it, so that the roof doesn’t fall in on our office!

To further prove Dol’s talent in caring for others, is a video below. In it, Dolly loving speaks of many of the brothers in Christ that she aids each day. Be it the 89 year old Veteran, or the entrepreneur of Syracuse’s Northside, she is there for them all.

My favorite activity during my service year was our Tuesday morning program. I will leave you with the words of my heroine, wishing I was with her tonight, but ever grateful for her steady presence in my life.

“What’s so great about Coffee and Donuts?…The nutrition a person gets at C&D is a different kind. It is a nurturing of the soul and spirit. It is about relationships and friendships, … and building community with our neighbors on the Northside”.

Amen, Dolly. Amen.

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