Taking care: The gift of self

Something I have learning by living it is the importance of taking care of self. As I have left behind that youthful approach of “invincible me” , realizing that accidents, tragedies and suffering happen to all, I also recognize that we have a role in all that occurs.

What lead me to these thoughts today was a meeting with someone I admire, my doctor.  First and foremost, she is compassionate and kind, so obviously evident that she cares about her patients. Secondly, she is a trained M.D., but also researches alternative medicines: such as she counsels me on yoga, diet, ayurvedic methods and where to seek out other treatments. Even her life story is inspiring- having treated patients in a refugee camp in Thailand!

So why does this matter? Because months ago I would have never gone to see her. A session is incredibly pricey, and the responsible spender in me would have said “no way”. And I did. Months ago, someone told me about her. I thought about it….then my wallet… then never called her office. Now having seen her multiple times, I insist that it is worth every penny.

Saying yes to myself means that my wellbeing should not have a dollar sign on it.  This is all part of loving myself. And as I left her office today, I felt  proud that I am taking care of myself in this way.

For truly, I do believe that I am a temple of my God. This body, this mind, this spirit, this soul, has been entrusted to me. It is up to me to safeguard, nurture, and protect it.

So, I go forth with this wisdom and that which  my friend Jared has been instructing me for years, always ending our conversations with “Kate, be gentle with Kate”.

This is me doing just that.


What do YOU think?

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