Day 6: Adventures in Coffee (and other delicacies)

My friend, Nadira, asked that I take pictures of the local food. In order to live up to my nature as a ‘foodie’, and in the footsteps of some of the greatest, I set out to capture my eats!

Surprisingly, Zambian cuisine is not all that unlike  my regular staples. Delicious fruits and veggies, beans,dairy etc.The difference did not lie in the what, but rather the how: how to eat and drink.

For example, the most popular starch option is nshima, a corn-meal based food. Tasty, but heavy, Zambians use this the hold their food. You take nshima, roll it into a ball in your hands, then use it to scoop up your food.

The biggest gastronomical challenge (gratefully!) that I encountered was coffee. Being in a region so near to where fantastic, fresh coffee is grown, I was quite excited.

Imagine my shock, and slight disgust when I saw this:

That's right.... INSTANT COFFEE!

I  know that this might make me a coffee snob, but I just thought I would awake to freshly brewed, grown in the region, dark coffee! I have never made coffee by just stirring the ‘crystals’ around with hot water. Gratefully, I had milk to improve this, but that was another adventure, as it was ‘long shelf life’ milk.

At least this grew right outside my door at Sr. Christina’s!

Sun-riped mangoes!

And here is a typical breakfast at the conference in Lusaka!

Yummy fresh fruit, 'yoghurt', spicy vegetarian samosas, and vegetable strudel!

So, Nadira, and other lovely loyal readers, I hope you are inspired to go find your local Zambian restaurant!


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