Living gratitude

I love the Thanksgiving holiday. Even as a child, it was on my favorites list. Good food, time with those you love, laughter, warmth, and the expressions of gratitude.

Last night, I was invited to sing with my former choir! It was so nice to be back, being welcomed into a community that I grew up with. As we gathered for a special night, we learned that Cardinal McCarrick would be celebrating mass, joining us from Washington D.C. The Cardinal had long been our Archbishop, and I have fond memories of his kind demeanor from years ago. He exemplifies a Christlike ‘statesman’ of the church.

After singing some of my favorite choral hymns, Cardinal McCarrick gave the homily. He reflected on his memories of our parish community and of the hard times many of us face now. Then he called on us to remember St. Paul’s words:

“Rejoice always. Pray without ceasing. Give thanks”.

Beautiful, spiritual and profound, I think this captures exactly how I want to live my life.

Blessings of peace to you all!


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