What do you know at this age?

As I child, I swore to myself, “When I have kids, I will remember what it feels like  to be this age! ” This conviction would always pop up when I felt something was unfair or that I had been slighted. I thought it would be special to remember what it felt like at that stage in my life and be able to connect in that way.

Problem is: I don’t remember the specifics of those stages of life! At least the people at Relevant magazine have a pulse on what those in their mid- twenties worry about, and what lessons we should learn from!

In 11 Things to Know at 25(ish), we learn some tricks of the trade of being…a young adult. While I think this work is very well done, there are a few pieces I want to highlight.

#4. Give Your Best to Friends and Family- I am not sure that I have ever thought about this. I know I try to give my job my best, my boss my best, my volunteer work my best, etc. But friends and family, eeck, what a good idea!

# 7 & 8 might, at first glance, be seen as tips that can be molded into one point. They are similar, but there are important differences in them. First, I would change #7 to say Be a Part of a Church Religious Community. The reason being is that 1.Church is a building and 2. it is limiting in terms of religious identity. As for the reason that #7 and #8 are different is that the first deals with a faith community, bringing others into your practice and the second, “Find a Rhythm for Spiritual Disciplines” deals with your personal spiritual growth. Both are crucial,and both deserve our time, separately.

Regarding #11, “don’t get stuck”, I have an addendum, which is “Good luck”. Nearly all of my friends have felt this way in some form be it in a relationship, a job, a living situation, a family crisis, friend drama or all of the above! My message is if you find yourself in a rut, learn from it. Also, make sure to reach out. Call on others to help you through, to give you guidance, support, ideas, and love. And be patient. This may seem counter-intuitive, as you want to get out of your rut. But you’ve landed in ‘stuck’ mode, might as well figure out why. Being in an uncomfortable spot can force you to learn a lot about yourself. Patience may be a lesson worth learning in this time of your life.

As an adult, I know that I won’t be swearing that I will remember what my mid-twenties felt like. But I wonder, did we pick up enough tips from the article, or do you have good age-learned lessons to share?

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  1. Best thing I did at about twenty five was to try and get paid doing things I didnt have the money to pay to do. For example, I loved being outside, so I worked for five summers as a white water raft guide. Everyone else was paying $50 to go down the river once a summer. I got PAID to do it every weekend. I still had a “real” job during the week (medical records clerk, yawn) but every weekend I was out, having fun, while making money. Not much money, but enough to make it worth it.

    • Brilliant idea! At this stage of life, when money can be so tight, what a great idea!

      I have done something similar, but with volunteering- to help with improv, start a Non-Profit alumni group or teach an ESL class to build relationships!

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