Hope is Delish

I made it. Now, the degrees of separation between myself and my rocker/foodie hero are even less! Plus, there is no need to worry  he is alive…(and looking quite dapper)!

Before I tell you how wonderful our time was, I’d like to share my invitation for this excursion to the brand new restaurant…

I’m embarrassed proud to say that this email took me only five minutes to craft!

So, on Sunday four cohorts and myself piled in my car to visit the new Soul Kitchen, opened by the Jon Bon Jovi Soul Foundation. I resisted the urge to blast Christmas and/or Bon Jovi music the whole way down.

When we arrived, we were quickly seated in the very trendy dining room. We were told of the three-course meal selections for which there were three choices for each course. Lastly, the server handed us one envelope, stating that suggested donation was $10 per person. However, if we weren’t able to pay, please fill out the attached form so that you could sign up to volunteer.

I started with a fantastic creation:

Cream of Celery Soup

I must say, all of my food was incredible! Next up was the very filling main course:

Grilled Salmon, Scalloped Potatoes with Grilled Veggies

Dessert is donated by local groups, and we had Christmas cookies with caramel sauce. We happily chatted with our server, learning about how many people have already visited, and the steady clientele that Soul Kitchen was building. While only open Thurs-Sun, crowds still flock to this site. Every waiter and waitress is a volunteer, with two paid chefs working the kitchen. The menu is purposely kept small so that it is manageable and able to reflect food from the season.

While I may not be able to take the trek down regularly to Soul Kitchen, I highly recommend it. Yes, I am biased, as I do admire JBJ, but the restaurant’s offerings stand for themselves. The food is delicious and is as local and as organic as they can source, while the atmosphere is quite warm. In addition, I think that the model of “pay what you can” and volunteer if not, is admirable.  Accessible, affordable and healthy food for anyone who walks in the door is quite an idea! Sure, I understand that some may feel that people could abuse this system. So what? The model is not perfect? Someone gets a free meal? That doesn’t sound too detrimental to me!

The Soul Kitchen Gang!

What I truly think that Soul Kitchen offers in this time of economic challenge and heightened awareness of food sustainability, is hope. And man, have they found a way to make that hope delicious!


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