A year of dreams

Two thousand and eleven. Beastly at times, but fulfilling too. Let’s review!

This year brought in the realization of many of my dreams:

  • Getting my own place
  • Infusing improv and my work together
  • Traveling to beautiful Banff
  • Creating a Non-Profit Networking group for my university
  • Meeting my favorite author & hearing her speak
  • Knowing my favorite author may be reading this blog!

What a great list! This inventory above contains dreams that were wanted for awhile, next wanted recently, and finally ones I dreamt…and nearly right away saw actualized!

However, this year contained even more desires, some that were surprises to me (and boy do I love surprises)! As for the dreams that I didn’t realize I had dreamt that came true:

  • how to be respectfully assertive in tough situations
  • how to better take care of self
  • how to majorly grow in rough times
  • being a writer … a la this blog
  • marrying my passion for food sustainability with my own eating habits
  • traveling a lot, and even alone!
  • going to Zambia!

This record of my year shows me the pure wonder of life. It is no secret that this year has been a rough one for me. But, I pausing to reflect on these beautiful moments of my last 365 days shows me that levity, laughter, and love are infused all over this life.

Two thousand and eleven.  You came in like a lion and out like … a ray of light. Let’s begin, anew.


What do YOU think?

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