The First Known Case

Over the Christmas break, I picked up a novel at the library. Grace called to me, as I expected a light and a quick read.What I found was a touching story but an even more important truth: a piece of history I had never known.

In the prologue, Richard Paul Evans explains how the first case of known child abuse was in the 1870s. At that time, there were no such laws to protect children inside their homes, there were however laws to protect animals. In order to remove the Mary Ellen Wilson from her abusive situation, it was the ASPCA who argued her case, stating that a child is a member of the animal kingdom, and therefore, worthy of such protections.

This example of thinking outside the box saved one life. And with that one life saved, a movement to protect thousands more was born. If we rise above limitations while listening to our call for morality and justice, who knows what we can do?

This is an inspirational piece of history that deserves to be shared, and modeled, more often.


What do YOU think?

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