How to Be Alone: Love Through Loss

Chances are if you are classifying yourself as “alone” you, at some point, have experienced a loss.

Most of us are blessed enough to start out with others: be it families, friends, relationships, a community, etc. But life happens.  And in life, we experience all kinds of losses: death, break-ups, moving away, losing touch, and more.

But one person who never leaves you? You.

Recently, I found myself saying to a good friend going through an ending of a relationship:

“Do what you need to. Cry. Laugh. Love yourself.  Because if you let it, this moment can be the strongest teacher in how to love yourself”.

And it’s true. Despite being wonderful social beings, we walk in and out of this world with only ourselves. If we can first love ourselves during a period of loss, then work on loving others, we send a ripple of benefits out into the world.

When we more deeply love ourselves,  “alone” becomes a far more palatable word.


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