Calling on your conscience…via your cell phone

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I suspect many of you know about Conflict Minerals. Many months ago, I wrote about a few steps your could take to address this issue.  In November, my introduction was:

“Why this industry and this region? Remember the movie Blood Diamonds, with Leonardo DiCaprio? Well, today there is a similar issue  with certain minerals in the Democratic Republic of the Congo. The “3 T’s” (tin, tantalum, and tungsten) and gold are fueling a civil war, and are referred to as conflict minerals. Groups like ENOUGH! provide great information about what is happening on the ground and what we as consumers can do. One of the best books I have EVER read was authored by the group’s founders, Not On Our Watch.

While the concerns around conflict minerals are not solved, there have been great steps forward. The Dodd-Frank Act last year contained two pieces related to the issue. The Securities and Exchange Commission now write new rules for public companies that will require them to prove that they are not using conflict minerals“.

Then in November, I shared how my conference time in Zambia was spent on related issues of the extractive industry, and how to work on this issue further. So, why am I reminding you of all of this information? Because today you can make a difference.

By visiting this page, you can send your mobile phone carrier a letter, asking for conflict-free options and asking them to better alternatives, since our cellphones along with other technology devices often have these minerals within them.

How long will this action take? I’d say about a minute. It’s probably one of the shortest “calls” you can make, with maybe the largest impact.

Disclosure: I know of Everence through my work, but have not been asked to endorse this program.


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