How to be Alone: Be Your Only Roommate!

I LOVE living alone. Trust me, I never, ever thought I would utter those words.

I’m a people person- I enjoying hanging out with friends, meeting new people, just interacting with others. After having some great living experiences with family, in college, studying abroad, even in community, I just couldn’t imagine consistently coming home to an empty house. Nor did I think my budget could handle such an expense. But, like many things in life, what was offered was way better than I could have imagined!

While looking for a new place to call my own, I first focused on friends. When our timings on new places weren’t jiving, I started the new-age roommate search ala websites. Then, when my friend (and faithful blog reader!) told me she had an apartment to lease and did I know anyone who was interested, I said “YES, ME!”

The rest is history.

So, why do I love living alone?

  • You can leave your stuff wherever you want!
  • There is something so great about knowing that your hard-working self afforded this place.
  • Everything is yours and yours alone- decorate, cook, scream, dance, do whatever.
  • No worrying about shower schedules or kitchen times or laundry fights.
  • You have space.

The final one for me is the most important. I had no idea how much I needed physical space until I had it. Having space, literally away from distractions has allowed me to process some major changes in my life without worrying if I’m being anti-social, too introspective, or who might disturb me.

If I’m honest, I think one of the reasons I could never envision living alone, let alone actually thriving in it, is because I was afraid. I was afraid to be alone, to be all by myself…sing with me, “don’t wanna be all by myself….anymore”. Seriously, it was terrifying to think that there would be no easy escapes, no one in the next room to reassure you that you are a great person, or someone easy to get annoyed at that wasn’t yourself, like that person who won’t let you watch your favorite TV show, how dare they! I’d have to find that acceptance within me.

Sure, there are days when I wish someone would just walk through the door, or would sit at my dinner table, or would sing along to the radio, or could pray with. Those moments will again come. Until then, I’m loving my alone space, because it gives me ample room to learn what it is to be me.


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