How to Be Alone: Movies

This installment of HTBA, takes us back to August 2011, and one of my first thoughts of starting this series!


“One, please!”

Last night, I went on a date. With myself!

I really wanted to see The Help. No one could go. I sat on my porch, enjoying the warm weather, but missing all of the joys of my Incredible Northwest Vacation. The melancholy mood started to waft over me, enhanced by the lack of people to hang out with. Then the brilliant thought entered my mind, “Go anyway”.

I got up, threw on my most comfy sweats, and spent a lovely $10 on me. I talked to a lady in line about how much we enjoyed the book. I picked out the most perfect seat. Then, for the next two hours I was fully captivated by this story.

I loved it.

Sometimes, we just need to push past the supposed to’s, the shoulds, the societal norms to discover the true moments. My moment was joy in the unexpected.

Sitting alone in a movie theater, watching a movie I really wanted to see, spending just a few bucks solely on myself because I could, captured a beauty only my sweatpants solo self could see. Being alone can be joy filled.

I recommend it.


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