Show me hope

Hi Friends,

I have a favor to ask. I often ask people to take an action to stand in solidarity and help others. Today, I’m asking you to take action to help me.

Currently, more than 5 million Americans are facing the challenges of Alzheimer’s. This number could rise to 16 million by 2050 if we do not act.

Some frightening statistics:

  • “Today, 15 million Americans serve as caregivers”. I am one.
  •  “Before 2050, caregivers in the US  will rise to 45 million”. You will most likely know one, or be one.
  • “Alzheimer’s will cost the nation $183 billion this year. This will rise to $1 trillion by 2050, bankrupting families and our health care system”.
  • “Alzheimer’s is the 6th leading cause of death in the United States”.
  •  “Alzheimer’s is the only one among the top 10 without a way to cure, prevent or even slow its progression”. This does not offer any hope.

Therefore, I’m asking you to sign this petition to the President, asking him to fulfill the potential of the National Alzheimer’s Project Act, that was unanimously by Congress more than a year ago.

Please consider standing in solidarity with me. For those of you who have already answered my call to this, I thank you. From that little posting on Facebook, I learned that when we stand together, there is hope.


2 responses

  1. Update, friends: President Obama has supported an immediate increase in Alzheimer’s funding by $50 million dollars.

    Building on that initial increase, the President’s fiscal year 2013 budget includes $80 million in new Alzheimer’s research funding, and $20 million for education, outreach and support for American families affected by the disease. However, this is only a recommendation to Congress…so I may be bothering you to encourage Congress again in the upcoming weeks.

    Thanks for your attention and support!

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