Finding yes


I’m slipping. My “no’s” are flying out of my mouth. Yes, sometimes “no” needs to be said, but not as much as I’ve been saying it!

“No, I don’t want to do that.”

“No, here is why that idea won’t work.”

“No, don’t cut me off!”


Shoot, in a blog clean out, I discovered this morsel of a post. And the ‘shoot’ of the matter is that I am finding myself in this same predicament!

In a recent improv class, my friend and teacher, halted our scene. “Kate, I’m going to stop you. Do you know why?” I was CLUELESS and somewhat dumbfounded when she replied. “The scene is good, it is working, but it’s not the exercise. You are saying no.”

WHAT?!? I didn’t get it. Others said, “Yah…I mean it’s funny, but you are being sarcastic and negating”.

As we started over, I realized, oh yes. I’m saying NO to nearly everything my partner is saying. Golly.


Guess what, like improv, life is a journey. Similar to when a yoga instructor says “Listen to you body, and go where you can today. Don’t push it, each day is different”. For whatever reason, I was saying no. I may be blessed to have done enough improv to make the scene decent, but we were failing the ‘game’ by my negations.

And that is the joy. That tomorrow is a new day and next week offers a new improv class. There are always ways to grow and challenge ourselves, but only if we first say “yes”.


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