Advice to Food Corps Members

What is it that they say, unsolicited advice is nearly never always wanted? 🙂 Well, here is my advice to FoodCorps Members. Enjoy, if you dare!

To begin is to progress. Congratulations for committing to progress by your year in FoodCorps. That said, change, especially meaningful and lasting change, is slow. In my work of advocacy with large food corporations, patience is not just a virtue- it’s a necessity. As we look to improve our food system, encouraging more sustainable and nutritious products, as well as increasing access, we must realize that endurance is a needed skill. As you ignite your careers, be proud that you are taking a step into a brighter future. Be patient, be consistent, and stay the course.

Do you have words of advice? Submit them here. To learn more about FoodCorps, check out their site!


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