How to Be Alone: Let Yourself Be

For the 12th installment of How to Be Alone…we allow ourselves to be!


There are two thoughts here:

1. Don’t look to fix yourself. According to the blog, Zen Habits, you’re already perfect.

Now I have certainly struggled with this message myself. However, I think in the context of being alone, this is an idea to say yes, and  to. 

“Yes, while alone, I am perfect, and I love doing all these things: dining, creating, going to the movies,celebrating, traveling, hiking, retreating, and so much more”!

Appreciate your solitude, don’t seek to ‘fix’ it. You are already whole. You are already enough.

2. Don’t look to fill all your time so as to avoid yourself. Face your truth.

By allowing yourself to “just be” alone, I bet that your true self comes out. Maybe it’s struggling with those questions that just linger, as Colleen explained, or maybe it’s discovering new interest. Regardless of what occurs, once you allow yourself to just be alone you will have an asset: a new understanding of your life long companion.

So, let yourself be alone and you just might discover your deepest self and that you, this gift to the world, are enough.




3 responses

  1. Great post. I really need to work on Number 2. In a lot of ways I’m really good at being alone and, by choice, I do a lot of things on my own, but when I’m upset/depressed/stressed I don’t deal with it, I distract from it. I flock to places where there are people and act like nothing is wrong or I’ll stay home “alone,” but planted firmly in front of the tv for distraction. I’m too afraid to “just be” alone because I’m trying my best to not look at what’s going on inside. Not so healthy…

  2. Thanks for sharing! It is not easy during those down moments. People bring comfort and distraction, but sometimes we just need to ride it out- alone. In my quest to debunk alone from always equating to lonely, I think this is one of the sticking points people thing of: alone, in front of the tv, upset. So we can challenge that thought, and this takes action, often action that is tough at first, but certainly rewarding.

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