My real, true, estate

Looking at the real estate section of the New York Times, I found myself ecstatic. There are lovely homes in my town for far less than I expected. No, I am not looking to purchase any* time soon, but it did bring me a sigh of relief.

Why? Because I really love where I am right now, physically & emotionally. I live in a great place brimming with fantastic people, amazing resources, and things to do. Once I’m ready, I want to know that I could remain here if I choose.

Dreaming for a place with a view like this!

But not all areas of life are as comfortable. In another part of my day, a trust source forced me to stare at a hard truth: I’m dealing with stuff well beyond my few decades of expertise. Dynamics and roles are changing- not due to anyone’s desire, but by force. I must continue to support myself to be ready for these new roles.

This directly connects to my earlier sentiments- I want a home to call my own. And isn’t this part of living a life incomplete, knowing that there is more to come in this journey, and simultaneously being content in this moment? By living mindfully, I can ignore those practical comments that aren’t mine: “Isn’t this the time to buy, isn’t the market bottoming out?” “Forget if you ready to own, or if you are done exploring other areas, isn’t this the moment to purchase?”

In this moment, my heart is home. This home includes all the people and places I love: from the house I grew up in to the fantastic one I currently reside in; from my collegiate roomies to Maria my Spanish mother; from my supportive family, my first “community”, to my amazing partners in ministry in Syracuse. My heart has room enough for all of these gifts. Call it cheesy, call it cute, but that is my current ‘real’ ‘estate’.  And no matter how many homes I inhabit, that will never change.

* To two of my faithful blog readers: My financial guru, a.k.a. Dad, and my friend/improv teacher/landfamily- did you think I would say otherwise!?!  I hope not! 🙂

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  1. Lovely. Some of the best advice I ever got was to stop apologizing or justifying myself anytime I talk about wanting something more or diffrent because it’s clear that I’m a grateful person, but you can be grateful for what you have and still want more at the same time.

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