How to Be Alone: Dance

Last weekend, I attended a family wedding. Stag.

Days before, I was second guessing this decision, although I had made it with no concerns. A good friend said to me, “Make friends and just dance!” I assured her I had no plans of hitting the dance floor by myself, especially since I didn’t know others my age attending, thank you very much.

Fast forward to Friday night. I stepped onto the dance floor hoping to quickly reach solace across the room with the others I knew. Well, I couldn’t very well just walk through a crowd of dancing people, now could I? So I joined them. Then spotting my parents, we joined forces to tackle….The Twist. And the Grapevine. And “What a Wonderful World“. It was ages before we sat down, since we didn’t want to end the best part of the night.


How is this my advice in being alone? Be true to yourself. I love to dance. But I went into this experience saying no, I will not stand out alone on the floor.  Step out, take a risk, and enjoy it. Throw caution to the wind, and while you are at it, throw your hands into the air. I did. And every morsel of body thanked me for it.

If you need further motivation, or a deeper thesis on why to dance, watch this speech. Ellen‘s summary’s:”You’re gonna be ok….just dance”!

And just to ensure that this all occurs in your life, I will borrow some wise foreshadowing from my friend Petro:

“Girl.  Your life is a dance.  DAZZLE THEM!”

Now, go put on your radio, no need to pull down the shades…just dance!


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