How to Be Alone: Sense the Solidarity

How to be Alone? Know others are too.


Ever stand in a crowded room and notice a guest, solo? Or see another say “just one please” to a restaurant hostess?

It happens.

We ALL, experience some solitude in life. Sometimes sought out after a hectic day and sometimes it is an unexpected plan-less night.

My recent moment was venting to a friend about how much I would like to have a partner to share the difficulties of Alzheimer’s with, as those I love experience it. Sure, you may say, you are not alone. You have friends, family, faith, and other supports. All true; and yet none a substitute.

Others have said that regardless of what you are going through, there are people out that who can sympathize. True as well. Yet there is distinctive difference: knowing and feeling can be miles apart.

As rational as we all are, in those moments of hardship, knowing others are alone is different than identifying with their solidarity. We know that people are hungry in this world, but when we fast we understand it more deeply. We know that many suffer from prejudices and do not have so many privileges, but when we experience an injustice, we recognize theirs more deeply. We know others suffer, but when feel such pain we suddenly know an aspect of their experience more deeply. Feeling provides the knowledge of a common language, of a certain perspective, of a definitive bond. If we can tap into our sensory knowledge, we may be able to find our way back to logic.

Solidarity brings forth the light. It can be the beacon to knowing that we may be alone, but we are alone together.  For when we sense that others too are alone, lonely stops being the only thing we feel.



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