Improv (in the Dark)

The Alphabet Game is a standard short form exercise. (It’s perfect for a dinner party too!) In this game, two players begin a scene while continuing the alphabet with each line of dialogue starting with letter immediately following the previous letter. It looks a little like this:

Always you want to go first!

Because I’m the best punter.

Can’t you give me, the ROOKIE, a turn?

We played this game last night, with a twist: BLINDFOLDS! Other members of our class set up a ‘booby trapped’ stage, with chairs, stools, sofas, and pillows in our way. Some asked why were we doing this. One member said “its another way of getting you out of head, not thinking about what to do or say, but just doing it.” Yes, you can react more honestly with your words when you have something else to focus on…like not falling!

Another scene of improving in the dark...or at least underground!

I found it invigorating, to take something I know (improv) and put it into the unknown (darkness). First, as your sense of sight was gone, your other senses were a bit on overdrive. Heightened listening in order to respond to your partner and utilizing your touch to avoid any falls to the floor. Second, it liberated you from any constraints you might see- is your partner actively reacting, is the audience truly listening, etc.

What a lesson to take into my broader life today. Bring newness to the comfortable by taking a chance and stepping into the unknown. For haven’t we seen before, that new life comes first from accepting risk?


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