How to Be Alone: Work it out

The first run of the season can be the best. I find my fingers tingling to stay warm, aches awakened by that old familiar movement, my gait found again, heart happily overworking, mind- free and clear.

It’s not just the endorphins, but working out has a tendency to calm the body. It brings my mind into focus of the present: the present environment, any present pain in my body, the present appreciation that I am healthy enough to do this.

I love working out when not confined to a gym. Being in nature allows me to experience the outside world I can so easily skip. My senses spark: the first glimpse of spring, the early flowers with new growth; someone charring burgers on the grill, an early smell of summer; a warm breeze calling on an end to winter’s chill.

Therefore this week’s advice on HTBA: pound it out on the pavement, work it out in the gym, or ‘namaste’ it out on the mat. Any which way, exercise is a great way to appreciate your moments of being alone.


One response

  1. I like to say I only run if there is a giant cheeseburger at the other end and someone is going to take it from me, but I so admire my friends who actually do run especially in cold weather!

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