Saving for your Health

Later this month I will be guest starring blogging at 26 dishes! If you haven’t discovered this gem, do so now. My friend Alli is bringing us into her kitchen while taking a culinary tour around the world. A new version of the Alphabet Game (have you played this at any cocktail parties yet?), our guide takes us to a new country for each letter.

One passion Alli and I both share is good food. Sustainable. Delicious. Healthy. Just. Allergy-free. These are all words that fly out of our mouths when talking about culinary delights.

Initially I had asked Alli to write about a new food craze: couponing. But I couldn’t resist doing it myself.  I have discovered GREAT sites in the last month. How could I not share with you all?

  1. Organic Deals
  2. Generous Savings

I’m not striving to be the next 15 minute segment on Extreme Couponing, as I have no desire to create massive stockpiles of toothpaste, tomato sauce, or TV dinners in my garage. Or attic. Or bedroom. But, I enjoy a good deal.

These sites share good coupons and tips for the average shopper. Who says eating well has to be expensive? One idea that I’d like to advocate for is share the wealth. Take this knowledge and put some action behind it.

  • Print out coupons for your friends, family, or co-workers.
  • Take a look at your local pantry’s needs and donate some of your deals there.
  • Print coupons for the families that use the food pantry.
  • Carry extra coupons to the store and offer them to someone else.
  • Call a church/temple/soup kitchen and see if they need some home cooked meals… and use your coupons to make a dish for others.

As a former food pantry manager, I remember how grateful we were when someone would call with an idea of how to help. There are endless ways to help not only yourself, but others with these savings. Get clippin’!


PS: Here’s a fun freebie from Tom’s of Maine, and one that has a “green/fair” score on the Cosmetics Safety Database.

PPS: If you are an Omega3’er, check out Nordic Naturals for a free sample, scroll to the bottom.


2 responses

  1. Thanks for the shout out!

    I need to take this post to heart. I am the best bargain shopper when it comes to clothes and things and the worst when it comes to food and househould items.

    • Of course! Yes, hence why I ‘stole’ back this idea- it was motivation to me. I initially thought coupons wouldn’t work for my tastes in food, yet there are coupons for good, wholesome food too.

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