Our family’s faith

Ancient Holidays, New Traditions is a beautiful depiction of connecting faith to current action.

I brought information to my family’s Easter celebration on the issue of food and worker’s rights, but with the commotion of travel, plumb forgot to weave it in to our gathering. I’m glad others remembered!

Will I still talk to my family about this issue? You bet. I’ll send them the post above, as Alli captured a fascinating moment that makes my soul sing. For that, right there, is faith. It’s the marriage of the sacrosanct and the sacramental. Calling for the resurrection of the plight of others, while recalling those of long ago. For others, it is being able to celebrate a Hallelujah morn, while remembering (even if it is a few days later) to stand up for others in this one, large family of ours.

To the union of traditional faith and modern action & to drawing on our spirituality in order to show reverence to the world of today, I say yes.I say yes, amen, I do believe.


What do YOU think?

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