How to Be Alone: Define Your Joy

Defining joy is an interesting task. Words that express my experience: feeling most fully alive.

This can happen in many ways. Feeling the warmth on my skin on a sunny day; singing at the top of my lungs to an oldie but a goodie that divinely hit the airwaves; rushing down a mountain over packed snow while taking in the breathless scenery; performing; connecting deeply with someone be it over coffee with a dear friend, or on the streets of a bustling city while sharing a meal with a new friend; quietly discovering a beautiful new landscape while hiking.

My joy is simply loving a moment that awakens my spirit. It’s being in the moment, being present, saying yes to the reality at hand. And in those moments of being alone, joy is knowing that I CAN be and enjoy it.


2 responses

  1. I love being alone; I thrive on it! Being your own good friend is vital to simple joy. It’s being able to breathe in, savour, reflect on and memorise your daily life. Being your own good friend, makes it easy to be someone else’s good friend. The joyous circle

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