Many of my musings have been on the elusiveness of happiness. Is it all there is, is it the thing to chase, what is it for me?

Lately, a few things have crossed my path that make me think. (Yes, they came to me via reading a book, learning about chin implants, and blog reading!)

  1. Peaks and Valleys do not define happiness, we do. Truthfully, I’m still working on accepting this one. Attitude is a big part of life and our reaction to situations both of blessing and of struggle make a difference. Check out my friend Holly’s thoughts on this idea.
  2. Do things for the right reason: I caught 2 minutes of the Today Show to catch the weather. Dr. Oz was on, talking about a new fad: chin implants. Although this process was shocking enough, it was Dr. Oz’s advice that was paramount. “Are you doing this to add to your happiness, or to make you happy? The latter is not the way to go”.
  3. Nurture your Happiness: That’s right, I didn’t say just find it, create it, do only the things you THINK will make you happy. Rather, step out of the ol’, comfy box. Here are just a few ideas.

Lastly, remember there is more to life than just happiness. The ups and downs occur for everyone, and I think we need to balance accepting the reality (even if it’s stretches of unhappiness) with creating a better reality.

Learn from any or all of the steps above, but remember, happiness is only one state of this beautiful life.


9 responses

  1. It really is the small things that make us happy. Gratitude plays a huge part. Being grateful for all the little things reminds us of how precious life is. So, cliched as it may be, count your blessings!

  2. your friend’s post in #1 brings back one of my favorite stories from our friend Frank: http://feastofsaints.com/perfectjoy.htm

    For me, its not just about choosing happiness despite the valleys, but about loving the low points in their own right–for the strength gained and lessons learned, and for the reminder that God knows we’re tough enough, so we should believe in ourselves as well.

  3. amazing, amazing thoughts! i second each and every one of them, especially accepting the ebbs and flows of life. life isn’t as sweet without the bad. it makes us appreciate all the good that we have. and thank you for the shoutout! creating happiness is a choice and we can ALL do it!!

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