How to Be Alone: Be a VIP

“Ladies, where are you headed tonight?”, “Excuse me, could we please put you on the guest list for tonight?”, “Ladies would you like special access to the grand opening ?”

Recently, a friend and I took a long awaited trip. While wanting to relive our time in Europe, we realized work schedules and other commitments wouldn’t make it possible. We settled for a domestic, yet still exotic place to us: a trip across the country!

Every day of our mini-vaca, we were approached with free entrances, guest list spots, and fantastic offers. Hands down, we were living the high life. Sure, this is part of the glitz of this town, but we loved it! How fun to be a ‘hot commodity’. One night we had 4 offers from different venues to be VIPs!

We knew when we came home the offers would stop. Trust me, we realized too that for women in this town this is the typical treatment. And it was more than fun to skip every line, cut straight to the bar, and have special attention given to us.  Clearly, we could see the draw in this lifestyle.

Yet, the most important thing that was reinforced: treat ourselves as worthy. We don’t need to wait for others to do that for us. You don’t need to go on a vacation, to the latest hot spot, or even walk the way of the rich & famous to be a VIP. Treat yourself as one.

I don’t mean fight to cut the line at the grocery store, rather cut yourself a break. Don’t demand ‘wonder woman’ status of yourself. Call on your “Phenomenal Woman” mindset and remember you are one. Respecting others and respecting yourself speaks volumes. You are a very important person. Treat yourself as one.


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