Aspiring to inspire

While in Zambia for work, my colleagues at CAFOD posted inspirational messages around our massive conference room. This was one of my favorites, a brilliant quote from Archbishop Oscar Romero. What an incredible example of a man who consistently said “yes, and…” in his life.


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  1. Wonderful words! I was born in Ndola, Zambia! It was the most wondrous place to grow up! I am still friends with many girls I was at school with, a special bond, because it was a special, magical place!

    • Wow, Charlene! What a small world. I can only imagine how growing up in Ndola was- I spent time in Lusaka and Mongu. Check out the posts in November. I’m so glad we’ve connected in this blogging world!

      • Isn’t it just! I will certainly go and see! .I lived in Lusaka twice, once when I was 6 and again at 15, both for short times. I still have q few friends from school days that are still in Zambia, bringing up their children’s children! I love this cyber-village, lots of bumping into people in strange, connected ways :).

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