The simple life: the best life

August 2011

Who would have thunk that a ‘trapped’ weekend could be so good? Not I- Ms. Cabin fever extraordinaire, also know as Kate from Kate Says Yes, and co-author at Sharing the Table of Plenty.

This weekend, like most of the Northeast, we were walloped with Ms. Irene. I am an active gal. So the idea of a state of emergency across the whole  Mid-Atlantic region, no mass transit, no driving, and no potable water means no fun.

Or so I thought. As much as I would have love to travel to the shore as my calendar rudely reminded me of, I stayed completely in the confines of my area. I slept in. I made French Toast. I learned first hand at lunch that the batter of beer waffles is gross.

So, maybe 2 of my three meals required syrup today, maybe I sat and stared at the wind. But I also had ample time to walk with my sister and talk about her new adventure of moving to Florida. I enjoyed chatting with my Dad about financial opportunities. I liked my Mom’s free hugs in exchange for some freshly brewed coffee. I even enjoyed cleaning out part of my basement and attic.

I reveled in ‘me’ time, too. I blogged about my recent decision to go vegetarian, some struggles with spirituality, deep decisions, and light hearted humor. A passion of mine is working towards a more just and equitable food system, one that would eradicate hunger, which we explore at Sharing the Table of Plenty.

All of these experiences, so simple, so omnipresent to me. So representative of my everyday, yet ‘best’ life.

This intense weekend was a forceful reminder that plans can be changed…sometimes even for the better. Dare I say that my stubbornness sometimes needs such a shaking? Irene’s Lesson: It is good to leave and experience other things, but it is also divine to love what you have: be it home, health, safety, family, or the like.


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