Unity not Uniformity.

“We are never going to have unity based on uniformity…”.

My Dad sent me a recording entitled Future Church. A lazy Saturday, already running ‘late’ to cross things off the endless to-do list. But, as I carried my laptop around my apartment, scrubbing my bathroom, mopping my floors, getting ready, I couldn’t stop listening. In fact, I sat down in midst of my spring cleaning, and felt myself listen to faith, connecting more than I have in weeks. Maybe even months.

Why does this message of the future church and the wisdom that “We are never going to have unity based on uniformity…”, speak so vibrantly to me?

Maybe its my calling to work in an interfaith group. Regardless of age, gender, orientation, religion, we come together each day to work for the greater good, as called to by our faiths. I so appreciate those I work with, and recognize that their gifts and talents are so needed. By our coming together, we bring forth greater achievements than we would if we operated alone.

Maybe too its my time spent with people on the street in Syracuse. Remembering Baby Mariah who would run to me and give me the biggest bear hug with her toothless grin. Or Wade, who opened my eyes to the silent struggle of so many and the vast loneliness that can exist in this world.

Confirmed by these experiences, I know that all people are worthy. All people have spiritual dimensions and are invited to connect with the divine.

Admittedly, my life is vastly different than others across the globe. But there is one thing that unites us: We are all humans.

So can’t we come together in a place, in a mindset, in way that uplifts us all, bringing us closer to God? I think so. And I happen to agree with Fr. Vincent’s words: ” We are never going to have unity based on uniformity…”.

Uniformity seeks out what is different, ugly, sinful, disdainful, and asks for us to be the same. To be perfect. To be what we cannot be, but could strive to be. Unity seeks an acceptance that we are all God’s children, that each of us is a welcome sheep into the fold. Uniformity seeks certain habits, where unity seeks communion.

As my soul was scrubbed, my mind cleansed of some anger from recent actions, I felt God. Fr. Vincent’s preaching reminded me that indeed, I am WELCOMED in my HOME of the Church.

I can continue. Today I was renewed. Today I was called to listen. Today I was reminded that I’m loved, welcomed, and needed in my Church. Of course I know I’ll struggle in the future. But on a day that I awoke with a quiet sadness, my soul felt the spark of joy.  Today, I felt the hand of my God.

As I’ve mentioned before, Sisters are some of my heroines. This piece below illuminates their great work.

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  1. Absolutely! God created us in His image, but are we uniform? We are fabulously and beautifully different, in soooo many way! This is what makes me believe that there is place for all of us, and all of us who believe and want to, will be united as One.

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