Remembering the call: A National Plan

I know. I’m supposed to be ‘plan-less’. But my call today is not a plan for me, it’s for millions.

As I’ve shared, Alzheimer’s is the only disease among the top 10 most prevalent in the US without a way to cure, prevent or even slow its progressionFor my family, it also hits very close to home.

This disease also has huge fiscal implications for our country. Estimates for taking caring of patients this year will cost the U.S. $200 billion this year alone. By 2050, the cost of caring for those with Alzheimer’s could be as high as $1 trillion.

Back in January, I asked you to support a movement for a National Plan. Today, there is a National Alzheimer’s Plan, backed by a funding request from the President. However, in order to make sure this plan is effective, we need to ask our Representatives for a strong, enforced plan.

As the Alzheimer’s Association letter to senators states:

 I ask that you support an effective National Alzheimer’s Plan, which accelerates and prioritizes the government’s efforts on Alzheimer’s disease and commits the resources necessary to change the trajectory of the disease. I respectfully request that you provide $100 million in FY 2013 for Alzheimer’s research, education, outreach, and support activities. Alzheimer’s is a crisis that is simply too big to ignore.

Months ago, a wise friend named Lisa said to me, “Take care of yourself. That is your job. You need to be the best for yourself first, so you can figure out how to be there for your mom”.  How right she is, and the message hidden in those words is that it takes a village to care for us all.

Act Now - NAPA

TAKE ACTION: Please, please sign.


For a visual on what Alzheimer’s does to the brain, see here.

Previous post on a National Plan.


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