For the ‘poor one’

Do you have a minute? If so, you may be able to help thousands of residents without health care!

My good friends in Syracuse are eligible for an $8,500 grant for providing supplement health care costs for those who cannot afford it. What might this include?

  1. Lab Fees
  2. Payments for biopsy testing
  3. Diagnostic kits for strep, flu, etc
  4. Stocking of essential prescriptions
  5. And plenty more
Can you imagine the costs of not having insurance? Even simple procedures, well checks, tests or medications can be incredibly expensive. Think of the irony of needing a  pre-employment physical if you are currently out of work, as well as not insured, how much is that going to cost? When you are on a tight budget, these needs can put you over the edge.
As I’ve shared, I worked in this clinic a few years ago. Spending time with our wonderful three person staff, 74 medical volunteers, and over 3,000 patients opened my eyes, wide, to the benefits of solid foundational health care. These women, my heroines, complete the day to day work of caring for others, and running an ever more popular yet crucial ministry: a health clinic for the uninsured.
If you are wondering what lead them to open this clinic more than a dozen years ago, Sr. JP (an RN) will say, “We asked the people on the streets what they needed. They said ‘healthcare'”.  Their story is simply amazing, the work they do is self-less, and the lives they lead are inspirational.

Sr. JP utilizing her nursing skills for a patient.

Please, vote for the Poverello Health Clinic, and do so each day of the month of June to ensure they win! Click on the link, enter your email, and scroll to find Poverello, with the explanation of : Supplement health care costs for those who can’t afford them.

This is a fantastic organization, as I can speak to my year of working there. But don’t just take my word for it, there is even research on  their success!

“For it is in giving, that we receive”.  ~ San Francesco il poverello d’Assisi


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