Yup. My assessment of this evening still rings true, especially given the amazing fare we sampled each day. But don’t take my word for it- see Alli’s post!
***Thanks for a fabulous week in Boston!

26 Dishes

Last Tuesday night after a long day of meetings and a reception with John Ruggie, UN Special Representative for Business and Human Rights (yes sometimes my job is pretty cool), I was ready for a relaxed dinner. I grabbed Nadira and Kate (are you sick of those girls because I know I am… JK!) and a couple of other colleagues headed out to dinner.
There were 6 of us total and we decided to head to Eastern Standard, a restaurant that I believe opened just as I was moving back from Boston nearly 7 years ago and had always wanted to try.

We were having an unseasonably cold day in the northeast so we were all excited when we arrived at the restaurant to find that they had a heated outdoor patio. Score! I love eating outside and being under the heat lamps kept us warm and toasty.

Before we…

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